New standards and requirements have developed across all industries as a result of technology development.
More than ever, customers are in charge of their purchases and payments, and they want that control whenever and wherever they need it. Business nowadays is based on increased convenience, flexibility, and expectations, and at OBOUR, we provide what you need to advance your digital payments. Our Payment Solutions enable you to start providing the appropriate digital payment solutions that your clients are actively seeking out as part of our strategy.


At OBOUR, our Online Payments solution offers you a seamless transition to digital payments while maintaining top-tier performance and security. Our advanced model allows for flexible payment options and improved customer experiences without sacrificing your valuable time and resources. Trust us to help bring your payment systems into the digital age.​
With OBOUR's fully certified NFC Payments system, you can enhance your customers' payment experience by offering multi-scheme and interoperable digital payment options. Our mobile-native NFC technology allows for quick and secure tap-to-pay transactions without additional authentication or verification steps. Let us help you bring cutting-edge payment solutions to your customers.
QR Code Payments have become a popular, fast, and contactless payment method. OBOUR handles the entire payment process, including creating and scanning codes, validating identities, and confirming payments. Whether you need static or dynamic QR codes, we have you covered with our reliable and efficient payment processing services.

Ready to take your services to new level?

We at Obour Company offer you solutions for digital payments according to modern and safe methods. We have a specialized team that can help you meet all your digital payment needs.

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