Acquiring Processing

The shift in consumer payment behavior and rise of technologies has led to a demand for a modern, more advanced processing model.
Outsourcing can be the best option for you if you want to cut the costs associated with building an infrastructure that can accommodate and maintain the expanding processing needs of today. At OBOUR we offer advanced ATM and POS Acquiring Processing Solutions through a centralized platform that securely integrates with your individual systems and applications, and complies with local, regional, and international schemes. We can handle all of your processing needs with the accuracy and efficiency you need when combined with our issuing and payment solutions, freeing you up to concentrate on your other most urgent business demands.


Our end-to-end ATM Acquiring Solutions cover all of your ATM management needs through an intuitive platform with maximized convenience, upgraded security, and centralized operations. Offered individually or as a bundle, our solutions provide access and routing to all major networks and gateway connections.
Designed to offer you a fully-managed outlook on your network, our ATM Driving service consolidates your entire card and ATM processing operations in one place to view, manage, and analyze. The service also includes authorization management and routing to all major gateway connections.
Our 24/7/365 ATM Monitoring service offers continuous access and enhanced usability of your ATM network. Through a comprehensive monitoring system, we proactively oversee the performance of your network switches, gateways, and ATMs and take all necessary actions to keep them fully-functional at all times.
Our POS Acquiring solutions meet the increasing demand for payment solutions in a cashless world. We provide retailers and SMEs with pre-defined solutions tailored for multiple devices and software, including configuring, programming, and managing POS terminals.

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