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Opening acceptance to receive bids

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Obour Electronic Payment Solutions Company announces the opening for acceptance to receive bids from companies specialized in providing café, cleaning, and gardening services. This is at the company’s headquarters located near Al-Qadisiyah Square, Tripoli, in accordance with the following conditions, specifications and business items:

💡 First: Cleaning work:
Cleaning the administrative offices, halls, bathrooms and kitchens in the building, which consists of (3) floors as follows:

  • Basement, data center
  • Ground floor, offices, a café, and bathrooms
  • The first floor contains offices, halls and bathrooms

1- Providing at least two (2) full-time cleaning workers according to the company’s working hours (8 hours), providing them with uniforms and mentioning the number that will be provided, to prepare a list that includes name, nationality, identification number, and health certificate if the offer is accepted.
2- Providing equipment, tools and everything necessary to carry out cleaning work efficiently, especially with regard to the company’s data center.
3- Providing excellent quality hand washing soap (foam + liquid) provided that a sample approved by the company is provided, while providing boxes of soft office tissues to all offices on an ongoing basis.
4- Cleaning walls, doors, windows, glass and aluminum from dust and dirt.
5- Cleaning and disinfecting the bathrooms and the café periodically per day, while providing toilet paper, hand dryers, bathroom fresheners, and toilet fresheners.
6- Cleaning and washing all types of chairs and stools in the company in accordance with the nature of their cover.
7- Cleaning and polishing employee offices, reception desks, and electronic devices, while prohibiting the use of liquid or gaseous cleaning agents to clean devices.
8- Providing trash bags, emptying trash cans from offices, and placing them in designated places.
9- Carrying out the work of transporting waste from the company building to public landfills and the places designated for them.
10- Preparing to provide carpet washing services when needed and according to agreement.
11- Willingness to carry out insect and rodent control work when requested by the company and according to agreement.
12- Preparing to carry out sterilization work for offices against diseases and epidemics upon request by the company and according to agreement.
13- Cleaning work is carried out during official working hours only.

💡 Second: Café and sofa business:
1- Providing at least one (1) full-time café and barber shop workers with a high degree of professionalism according to the company’s working hours (8 hours), providing them with uniforms and mentioning the number in order to prepare a list of them that includes their name, nationality, identification number and health certificate in If the offer is accepted.
2- Providing excellent quality Arabica coffee, red and green tea, cocoa, Nescafe, and sterilized milk throughout the week.
3- Providing paper cups for hot drinks.
4- Providing special services for major clients, meetings, and events upon request.
5- The second party is committed to fulfilling all employee requests (café and bar work), including hot drinks, during official working hours only.
6- Providing small water containers with a ratio of 50:150 from bottles (0.5L), or its equivalent in cups, to all employees during their presence in the company (including holidays), provided that the quality of water provided is from one of the brands that has obtained an ISO certificate. 9001).
7- Prepare to provide light meals and morning breakfast upon request from the company and according to agreement.

💡 Third: Gardening and handling works:

  • Providing one gardening and handling worker.
  • Carrying out weed mowing, tree trimming, taking care of the surroundings of the company building, and taking care of its garden.
  • Providing the necessary fertilizer and pesticides to care for the garden when necessary.
  • Transferring the waste resulting from tree and weed pruning from the company to public landfills and the places designated for them.
  • Handling goods entering and leaving the company.

National companies specialized in this field, which believe themselves to be competent, capable, and capable, and who wish to participate in the bid, must submit their technical and financial offer attached to the documents below:

1- The financial offer is presented with the total value of all service work on a monthly basis.
2- Submitting the company’s file, which contains a request to express interest in participating in the bid, addressed to the company’s management, attaching to it the articles of incorporation, articles of association, an official extract from the valid commercial registry, a valid license to practice the activity, proof of registration in the Chamber of Commerce, and a valid certificate of proof of tax payment). And any other documents that support the company submitting the bid.
3- Providing certificates of previous experience in implementing similar services for other parties.
4- Provide a list of the staff, machinery and equipment available at the company proposed for the bid.
5- Submit a statement with the main address of the company, its branches, phone numbers, photo mail, e-mail, and the company’s website on the international information network (if available).
6- Nominating the employee supervising the required service work.

⚠ Important notes:

  • Dealing will be with people officially authorized by the companies submitting the bid.
  • The offers and documents required for the company’s management will be delivered to the main building located in Tripoli, Al-Qadisiyah Square, and offers that are not sealed with red wax will not be accepted or received.
  • The number of working days according to the official state working hours during the month.
  • The deadline for submitting offers and documents is Sunday, 12/10/2023 AD
    Files that do not meet the required conditions and documents will be excluded.

📌 For inquiries and inspection of the headquarters, you can contact us during the official working hours from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm from Sunday to Thursday at the following contact information: Misbah Al-Sharae, Purchasing and Warehouses Department, phone 0924902029, email